Here’s to the kid who stole my heart…

…And ran so far Cupid couldn’t catch ’em. ♥

Oh, how I love We The Kings. 😀 Smile Kid.

But I hate that spring break ends today. :C

It was a good week though. I pretty much did nothing. ^_^ Just how I like it.

On to the real point? There really isn’t one. So here’s a list of music I listened to while sitting around:

Owl City – Ocean Eyes especially. He reminds me of the beach; perfect for spring break.

We The Kings – Mainly Smile Kid, but I know I rocked their debut somewhere along the line.

HelloGoodbye – Very summer-ish. Touchdown Turnaround in the morning, Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn in the afternoon, and Dear Jamie…Sincerely Me in the evening.

Flyleaf – Just because I need my cup of hardcore every morning. That, and the fact that Memento Mori kicks some major rainbows.

Paramore – Well, of course I had to listen to my Pary. 🙂 I practically killed the AWKIF CD. And RIOT! is well on it’s way to being dead. BNE’s is the only one I haven’t almost murdered (and trust me, it’ll happen).

Anberlin – New Surrender, FTW. Every song on there is pure brilliance. Not to mention Cities, BFTBM, and NTFP being awesome.

And then there’s the miscellaneous. Shiny Toy Guns, Hey Monday, Rise Against, etc. Still very wicked, though. 😀


Flyleaf got kidnapped by the UK on Friday, but I guess it’s okay….BECAUSE AS SOON AS THEY GET BACK THEY KICK OFF THE UNITE AND FIGHT TOUR! I’ll be at the show on the 28! Plus, they officially released the Missing video on Myspace! It’s awesome, and now I don’t feel so shady about sneaking around Youtube for it.

Fireflight’s still rockin’ the Winter Jam Tour, and thanks to HearItFirst, you can now see their live-ness on the internet-ness. Ness. Yeah.

And Mary Magdalan just released their new song. You should download it. And they kicked off their System of Freaks tour! Which I’ll be going to as soon as they come here (whenever that’ll be). 😀

Nothing like a good puppy kicking throat stab. 😉


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