The Faux Pas of Instagram

I love Instagram. As a photographer, it’s very easy to share my photos and to follow other people who’s photos inspire me as well. It’s a great app, and I’m very happy with it. With that being said, there are a few things I’m not so fond of that just might be the downfall of IG…

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

These are images on the Popular Page from December 23, 2011. Notice something? If they’re not taken from Tumblr or another website, they’re either half-naked pictures of some skank, or they’re your typical mirror-shot Myspace photo/I-Finally-Learned-How-To-Use-Auto-Timer-On-My-Digital-Camera pictures. There’s no real talent displayed on the popular pages, and there hasn’t been for ages. I, of course (along with a lot of other users), have been using the report button an awful lot lately. Copyright violations, nudity, etc. It’s a shame that those types of pictures are what’s representing Instagram these days.

Since users that wouldn’t know talent if it bit them in the ass are for some reason making the popular page, little users that actually have decent shots aren’t even given an opportunity to make it anywhere.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

^This an actual photo that someone went out and took. They got out of bed, left their house, hunted around, and took this picture. They then went home, edited it and uploaded this picture just for the purpose of sharing their work for others to see. It got what? Five, maybe six likes? Yet people who log into Tumblr can just screenshot a meme that someone else created and get hundreds upon hundreds of likes. That makes sense. 

Another problem is people overtagging photos. Since the Popular Page is pretty much dead to me, I’ve been searching through tags to find people to follow. This isn’t a big issue, but it’s really annoying when you’re searching through the “black and white” tag and a fully colored photo comes up like so:

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Hardly any of those tags apply to that photo, and there are a ton of people that do that. It’s all about getting views, fuck the system!

So what are my suggestions for Instagram? What, did you think that I was just going to bitch and offer no solutions? 

The Popular Page should be removed, and instead there should be a system that shows photos that have been uploaded most recently in its place. It could show photos from the last 24, 36, and/or 48 hours, from the past week/month, etc. This would give everyone a shot at being displayed, regardless of how many likes/followers that user has.

There should be a limit on how many tags you can use; I would say maybe five at most. This would cut back on people tagging, let’s say, a butterfly with words like “outside” or something like that. We all know that the butterfly is outside, there’s no reason to tag it. Instead, people would be forced to tag “butterfly” “bug” “insect” “[filter]” and not the entire fucking dictionary.

Basically, Instagram needs to go back to displaying actual talent, not “how many likes can I get?”. I’d hate to see the whole “like” system completely disappear, but it’s getting to the point where that just might be necesary. Maybe there should be a limit on how many likes you give/receive? I’d really like it if they could figure out something that’s convenient for all of us, yet still helps the app get back to its original purpose…oh, and new filters! 

§Rainbows & Skeletons§

2 days until Christmas!! Woohoo!!


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