We’re Having A Real Fun Time Being Part of Gen Y

This rant is brought to you by TIME Magazine and their latest effort to minimize and trivialize anything I or anyone else in Generation Y has or will ever accomplish.
20130515-035921.jpgIt matters not how hard you work or the goals you may achieve, because according to author Joel Stein, us rotten millennials will all still live with our parents, forever sponging off the fruits of their and their parents’ labor. I mean, obviously we’re still living with mom and dad not because the economy hasn’t all but collapsed or because unemployment rates for young people have skyrocketed to over eleven percent— no, it’s because we like mommy doing everything for us and intend to keep the gravy train rollin’ hot for as long as we can manage. Oh, and college tuition rates? Whatever. It’s not you like a need a bachelor’s degree for every job that isn’t flipping burgers these days!

But I’m young so obviously I’m just supposed to work for free, and if I don’t want to or don’t feel that that’s fair, it’s only because I’m lazy and have entitlement issues. Yep, I’m just another spoiled millennial made and kept so by the exertions of those who came before me, looking for my next handout at the poor Baby Boomers’ and Gen Xers’ detriment.

Forget that it was you that destroyed our economy, destroyed the environment, allowed and praised corporate greed, elected crooked politicians and threw our future away on an endless war you won’t be fighting in, and are now expecting us to the foot the bill (I’m sorry, does that sound like a GENERALIZATION?) but maybe you could remember that we’re YOUR children and are only the way that you made us. You’re the one’s who raised us!

I don’t know why the previous generations always try to deny young people their humanity, but here we are again. It’s pitiful to think that the whole of Gen Y is cast away as nothing more than jaded, sociopathic narcissists despite us being the most civil rights progressive generation that has ever lived and clearly the most socially, economically and environmentally conscious generation as well, which, not to fan the flames of the generational bloodbath, but it’s lot more than anyone could ever do for us!

§Rainbows & Skeletons§

PS.: I’m not apologizing for my selfies either!20130515-040251.jpg

Linzi The Uncritic
Brad Tuttle for TIME
Cris Han for CollegeHumor

**Pictures from here and here.


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