If You’re Wondering What It’s Like to Sell Your Soul…

 I know this is only a legal strategy and a minor aspect of a much larger game of cat-and-mouse, but it’s things like this that just floor me. Between two parties, this exact petition has been filed four times, each time turning the previous filer into a counter-respondent as opposed to a counter-petitioner and so on and so forth, counter-petitioner to counter-respondent, counter-respondent to counter-petitioner, blah blah blah, offensive to defensive and then back again. Keep in mind that it is not free to file documents with the court. We are going back and forth on a motion, paying X amount of dollars each time just to not be the underdog, and why? Where does it get us? We’ve already joined the circus and now we’re giving our lawyers a sideshow to boot while they set up the big top— and yet here I sit in my attorney’s office, clown shoes and all, nowhere near ready to put a stop to it. Incredible.

§Rainbows & Skeletons§


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