This FAQ was last updated December 2015.

About Me

1. Who are you? Lindsay / 20 / Austin, TX.

2. Who’s Jake? Is he your son? Jacob is my younger brother who I have partial custody of. He’s nine.

3. Who’s Nick? Nicholas is my older brother, he’s 22.

4. Who is The Fabulous One, or TFO? Why don’t you use their real name? The Fabulous One is my best friend who likes to remain on the down-low as far as what’s posted about her online. Though she hasn’t asked me specifically to not use her name, I figured I’d just do her the favor anyhow. She has gotten her nickname due to her being awesome and also my lack of creativity when it comes to anonymizing people.

6. Do you go to school? I dropped out of college in May of 2014 and don’t currently have any plans to go back.

7. Do you work? What’s your job? Event coordinator specializing in chauffeuring and adult babysitting.

8. Who are your favorite artists/musicians? I love Blue October, Anberlin, Guns N’ Roses, Mötley Crüe, Van Halen, Skid Row, etc.

9. What are your favorite movies/TV shows? King of the Hill, The Walking Dead, Dexter, That’s My Boy, Joe Dirt, etc

10. Who are your biggest role models? Lacey Sturm and Justin Furstenfeld.

11. Are you single/taken? Single and never want to mingle.

12. What are your religious views? I’m an atheist.

13. Do you have a Twitter, Instagram, etc? Yes, click here for a list of all my accounts.

About The Blog

1. When did this blog start? It started in April 2008 on my Myspace account. It found its home on Blogger in mid-2010, and was merged on WordPress in October 2012.

2. Will you write about [subject]? No, I write about what I want to write about. Any and all suggestions sent to me will be ignored.

3. I saw an account with the same name, is it you? Most likely not. Check here for a list of my official accounts.

4. I saw something that looked like this  what is it? It’s an emoticon and if you can see them, you most likely have an Emoji keyboard. If you can only see tiny numbers in a box, then sorry, you don’t get to enjoy the smiley face goodness.

5. Do you create your own headers/layouts? I usually create my own headers, but sometimes people are nice enough to donate their time and effort and create something for the site. As for layouts, that’s all WordPress’ doing.

6. May I take/use any pictures/content from this site? No. All content is copyright 2008-2015 to Rainbows & Skeletons unless specifically stated otherwise. You may not edit, repost, or reupload any content from this website without written permission.

7. Do you get paid to blog? The only thing I get paid in is carpel tunnel and eyestrain, so unless that counts, no.

8. How do you write your posts? Since May 2014 I’ve been running my blog via iPhone.

10. How many followers do you have? Doesn’t matter to me.

11. What’s the Calendar page all about? Gigs, shows, and events I attend. I post each date a couple months in advance so people will know I’ll be there and possibly meet up with me there.

12. What is the Night Songs page? Unedited non-posts that aren’t worth trying to flesh out into full-fledged blog entries.

13. Will you giveaway/sell my information from emails and/or comments? No. You can read my Privacy Policy here.


1. Can I enter your contests/giveways? Yes, everyone is welcome to enter.

2. How often do you run contests/giveways? I do them whenever I feel like it. Most times they’ll be around major holidays, but sometimes I’ll run a special for upcoming album releases/season premiers.

3. What kind of prizes do you give out? Mostly records and/or DVDs, with special handmade gifts from me.

4. What if you’re running a contest that I want to enter but don’t like the prizes you’re offering? Can I get something else? Too bad. If you don’t like what you receive for winning, try selling it on eBay and using the money you get for something else.

5. I recently entered a contest/giveaway, how do I know if I’ve won? I email all winners by the date I say I’m going to email them by. If you haven’t received an email by the date set to choose winners, sorry, you probably didn’t win.

6. I won a contest/giveaway, how do I claim my prize? You should receive an email telling you further instructions on collecting your prize.You have a month from the date I email you to collect your prize.

7. Who judges submissions/chooses winners? Myself, and if anyone is around, I may ask them for help as well.

8. Does everyone have a fair chance of winning? Yes, I am not biased towards anyone.

9. Is there anything I can do to better my chances of winning? No, just enter and see what happens.

10. If I enter a contest, will you giveaway/sell my information? No, you can read my Privacy Policy here.


1. Did you own/run the Muffin Mafia? Yes, my friend TFO and I owned/ran it until the end of 2009 when it was shut down.

2. Did you own/run The Future Leaders of Awesome? Yes, I owned/ran TFLOA up until 2011 when it was officially shut down.

3. You/your blog seem so different from when it originally began, what happened? Well, I went from being 12 to 19, so that in itself tells you a lot. I grew up and progressed, so naturally my blog did as well (I would hope).

I read your entire FAQ three times and even searched through your blog for a substantial amount of time, but still did not see the answer to my question, what do I do? If you feel you’ve exhausted every option on your own and still haven’t come across an answer to a question you may be having, you can email me and I will get back to you with a response when I feel like it.


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