This blog is not meant to be twee or cutesy or portray anything other than what it’s like to be in my head for a fraction of the day. I’m not trying to give advice or be some kind of lifestyle expert. I’m not trying to be pensive or really even helpful. This is purely to vent, and if someone can get something out of it then that’s great. But I write this blog for myself and myself alone. It’s definitely a diary, albeit a very public diary so I write in a way that hopefully isn’t too vague for others to understand, but isn’t crossing any lines into over-sharing and becoming an invasion of privacy. If you have any questions please email me at

Privacy Policy:
Rainbows & Skeletons will not sell your information and all that crap to anyone ever for any reason because I’m not a douchebag and no one would pay for your crap anyways.

**This YouTube account is not mine. I did sign up for a Buzznet, but I never log on. This blog and this blog are not mine. This is not my Multiply account. I do not have a BodyBuilding account, this is not me. This is my only WordPress account.